Gigya Swift SDK: "Invalid request signature"


I got this error when using SDK version 1.0.11

LoginSocialInteractor.loginWithSocial error: LoginApiError<GigyaAccountResponse>(error: Gigya.NetworkError.gigyaError(data: Gigya.GigyaResponseModel(statusCode: Gigya.ApiStatusCode.unknown, errorCode: 403003, callId: “32cbfb666d654cf8b8434f852908d1d1”, errorMessage: Optional(“Invalid request signature”), sessionInfo: nil, requestData: Optional(2027 bytes))), interruption: nil), socialProvider: google

This happens after installing a new ipa when the privacy consent is invalid but not accepted.

We don't understand why this is happening, but I guess it has something to do with some data saved on UserDefaults or Keychain. This only applies to social logins of currently registered users.

Does anyone have the same problem?

Sagi Shmuel

This happens because you are trying to log in while the session exists. Make sure you are logged out before trying to log in again.

You can check if the session exists via isLoggedInmethods like:

if(Gigya.sharedInstance().isLoggedIn()) {
   // session is exists.